Flexible, effortless content API

Don't let a CMS decide how you build websites and apps.


Deliver content anywhere

Comfortable is an API-first CMS that integrates with any platform and framework, no matter if you're building for VR, website or mobile app. The content API is easy to connect, from enterprise applications to website templates.

For Developers


GraphQL or REST

Let your tools follow your workflow. We think you should always be able to choose what suits best for you. (GraphQL will be available later this year)



The built-in imgix support provides real-time image processing, manipulation and delivery of optimized images over a global CDN.


Collection Endpoints

Aggregate, filter and sort any content or data. Organize collections in tree structures for editors and use collections as endpoints.


Powerful query API

Ask exactly for the data your application needs, join information, form structures and follow references. Cache queries in a global CDN.

Bring your favorite framework

Comfortable works with any App-Framework, Static Site Generator or fancy website template. If you have your own custom CMS, you can use the API as content engine.
Angular React Vue.js NodeJS Android iOS

For Content Creators


Rich Content Editing

Modern and convenient authoring tools, time- and workflow-based publishing. Intuitive content creation in a beautiful writing room.

Content Tree & Collections

All your content can be managed in a content tree and collection lists. Editors and marketers can find, organize and access documents with ease.

Drafts & Versioning

Create drafts, review and restore versions of your content, benefit from a powerful publishing workflow.

Elegant Authoring

Manage products and lists, the contents of your website or app, write a personal blog, host and handle all your assets in one place. Comfortable lets you do all of that in a convenient and intuitive way.

For Agencies


Deliver Faster, Cut Costs

No overhead, no need to install a backend or database. Speed up development and finish projects quicker.

Be more competitive

Integrate content editing anywhere, even for projects where a custom or traditional CMS would be too costly or inefficient. We all love content customers, don't we?

Leading Edge

Provide your customers with latest technology and please your developers with great software.

More Reasons to get Comfortable

Scalable, Performant, Secure

We take care of all the scaling and maintainance in a resilient microservice architecture to ensure speed, security and reliability. For Enterprise customers, we offer dedicated infrastructure.

World Class CDN

We are using a global CDN to minimize latency and deliver your content at maximum speed.


Integrate into any API or service with system events.

Role based workflows

A robust role system gives you control over permissions.


Multi-language support to create and deliver content for any language.